Family Law

  • Collaborative Family Law (Definition)
  • Separation
  • Divorce
  • Spousal/Partner Separations and Divorces
  • Support
  • Court Applications
  • Cohabitation, Marriage and Separation Agreements
  • Parenting Arrangements (Custody and Access)

Walker, Head has extensive experience in assisting parties in negotiating separation agreements, resolving matters on marriage breakdown and negotiating cohabitation agreements and marriage contracts. Both of its Family Law Lawyers are trained Collaborative Family Law Lawyers.

People enter into a marriage with hopes and expectations. The end of the marital relationship can be traumatic. People experience feelings of frustration, confusion, anger, despair, loss and conflict. Although divorce represents the end of a marriage, it also represents a new beginning. Our goal is to assist our clients to resolve outstanding matters in a dignified manner.

Family disputes can be resolved through negotiation or litigation. Although the merits of any case may justify an immediate court application, resolving a dispute outside of court is much less expensive, both emotionally and financially. Walker, Head provides their clients with options and encourages resolution outside of the courtroom. However, they will not hesitate to litigate, if necessary. Walker, Head also encourages a child-focused approach in all family related matters.

If you require assistance with a Family Law matter, Walker, Head can help.

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