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At Walker Head lawyers, our disability lawyers have decades of experiences in helping clients with their Long Term Disability and Short Term Disability Claims.

Short Term Disability Claims

Short Term Disability Benefits are generally available for a prescribed time period. Some employers may offer short-term disability benefits under their group benefits policy and can provide short-term income replacement when the employee has become disabled as a result of illness or injury and is unable to work for a certain period of time. The amount payable on your short-term disability benefit varies and depends on the type of policy you are covered under. If you think you may be eligible for short term disability – we encourage you to review your policy and understand how many weeks of benefits are made available to you along with what kind of medical evidence is required to receive your benefits.

If your claim has been denied – we strongly encourage you to contact one of our disability lawyers to help seek legal counsel on how we can help you advance your short term disability claim. There may be legal options available to you where you can appeal your insurer’s decision.

Long Term Disability Claims

Like short term disability, long term disability may be offered by some employers as part of their group benefit packages. Long term disability benefits are also intended to provide you with supplemental income replacement if you are unable to work for a prescribed period of time due to illness or injury. Long term disability benefits are very complex and contain extensive provisions which can be very ambiguous to a person without a legal background. Luckily, our disability lawyers can help.

If your application for long term disability benefits has been denied or your benefits have been terminated – you should consult with one of our disability lawyers to inquire about what rights you have in advancing a claim against the insurer.

At Walker Head, our disability lawyers have a proven track record in helping clients advancing their short term disability or long term disability claims. Our lawyers and staff have assisted thousands of clients in the Greater Durham Region for over 20 years and are conveniently located across the Walkway at Liverpool Road and 401.

For more information on how our disability lawyers can help you with advancing your disability claims – please contact us today at 905-839-4484

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