Practice Areas

Disability Lawyers

At Walker Head lawyers, our disability lawyers have decades of experiences in helping clients with their Long Term Disability and Short Term Disability Claims. Short Term Disability Claims Short Term Disability Benefits are generally available for a prescribed time period. Some employers may offer short-term disability benefits under their group benefits policy and can provide… Read More »read more

Car Accident and Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers

Automobile accidents begin and end with a consideration of insurance. Automobile insurance in Ontario is big, big business. When you are injured by an automobile it is you against big business. Tough and experienced legal representation is required to even the playing field. Since about 1990, Ontario has had a “no-fault” system of automobile injury… Read More »read more

Medical Negligence and Medical Malpractice Lawyers

In Canada, cases against doctors, nurses and hospitals are the most difficult and complex lawsuits that personal injury lawyers handle. These actions are vigorously defended by publicly funded insurance companies and are rarely settled before going to trial. Very few law firms in Ontario are well recognized as expert in this area of the law.… Read More »read more

Civil Litigation

Walker, Head actively pursues its clients’ cases to maximize success and minimize more

Class Action Lawsuits

Michael Head and his legal team were successful in pursuing one of the largest class action lawsuits against a health care provider in Canada, which was ultimately settled for 29 Million more

Employment Law

Walker, Head has extensive experience advising employees and employers regarding employment related issues. more

Family Law

Walker, Head has extensive experience in assisting parties in negotiating separation agreements, resolving matters on marriage breakdown and negotiating cohabitation agreements and marriage contracts. more

Personal Injury

Walker, Head has extensive experience handling serious personal injury claims against insurance companies, municipalities, government agencies and large more

Professional Negligence Claims

Walker, Head has the legal expertise needed to pursue professional negligence claims against doctors, lawyers, accountants, dentists and many more

Real Estate and Municipal Law

Walker, Head has over 30 years of combined experience providing a wealth of knowledge in their real estate more

Wills, Estates and Estate Litigation

Walker, Head’s Wills and Estates Department is able to provide clients with assistance both in pre-death planning and after-death administration and conflict more

Business Law

Business law is a key area of the firm’s practice. Victor Sgro and his legal team represent both established and new business clients from Canada and more